Black Dahlia murder

Elizabeth Short, also known as Black Dahlia, was born on July 29, 1924. Physical descriptions of her later brewed from her autopsy. She was approximately 5 feet 5 inches, around 115 pounds, she had blue eyes, brown hair, and decaying teeth, this was the description made after Black Dahlia’s death. She was a young American woman raised out of Boston, Massachusetts in the neighborhood of Hyde Park. Her father, Cleo Short, built miniature golf courses for a living. And her mother, Phoebe May Sawyer, was a bookkeeper. At the age of 16, Elizabeth was sent to live in Miami, Florida for the winter. She continued to live there for the three years spending winter in Miami and Medford in summer; this was because she had asthma and bronchitis. When she was 19 she went over to Vallejo, California to live with her father. The alias Black Dahlia may have originated from two sources. One would have been made up from a word play done from a movie called the Blue Dahlia. Another possibility would have been that the name came from reporters who covered the death of Elizabeth Short. All in all, her life was not easy and was not the only event that was riddled by controversies, regrets, and disappointments, so was her death.

Elizabeth Short died on the 15th of January at 1947, her body was found in a vacant lot located in Leimert Park, Los Angeles. Her body was severely mutilated and she had her waist severed from which blood was gushing out. Her face was sliced from the corners of her mouth towards her ear and her body was posed in the most eccentric way, that is her hands were over her head and her elbows were bent at a right angle. She was buried in Oakland, California at the Mountain View Cemetery. A lot of rumors and misconceptions were brewing at the time. Some saying that they saw Elizabeth between the time of her disappearance and her death. Some also say that she was a prostitute and had a few sexual partners. Some say that this is impossible because she was born with a congenital defect wherein her sexual organ was at its infantile state. All these rumors were later disproved. There were also theories and possibly related murders to Black Dahlia’s murder case. People would say that the murder of Elizabeth Short was connected with other murders occurring at that time which were somewhat the same as the way she was murdered.

Whether Black Dahlia’s murder was the work of a random killer, or someone who was a total lunatic, or an experienced murderer, one thing is for sure, that she was killed in cold blood. The suspects for Black Dahlia’s murder may have been too many to count and the person who was locked up may have only been linked to her death because of coincidences or similarities in the murders that he previously committed. Black Dahlia’s murder, solved or unsolved, is one of the most gruesome murders that may as well be placed in the archives of the world’s worst unsolved murders


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    Thanks for this site. I’m a fan of this particular murder and am trying to find as much information on it as I possibly can!! RIP Elizabeth Short.

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