John Lennon assassination

John Lennon is probably a name everyone has heard about. Born on the 9th of October 1940, he was an English singer-songwriter and was a member of the Beatles. He was fully and/or partly responsible for 27 number one singles on the U.S. Hot 100 chart. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1987, and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. On the night of the 8th of December 1980, Lennon was shot at the back of the head by Mark David Chapman.

On the day of John Lennon’s assassination, he and his wife Yoko Ono were planning to head to the studio to mix the track “Walking on Ice”, an Ono song featuring John Lennon on the guitars. As the couple left the apartment, several fans approached them and asked for autographs. It was common for fans to wait for Lennon outside their apartment just to get their autographs. One of which was Mark Chapman, the perpetrator behind John Lennon’s assassination. He requested Lennon to sign his copy of Double Fantasy, Lennon obliged. After the autograph signing, the couple proceeded to their limousine and continued their plans for the day.

On the eve of Lennon’s assassination, at about 10:50 P.M. Lennon and Ono were dropped off by their limousine right outside their apartment building. This was because Lennon had decided against eating out, and said that he wanted to say good night to his son before he went to bed.

As they stepped out of the limousine and walked towards the building’s entrance, a figure emerged from the shadows of the archway. Mark Chapman, carrying a .38 special revolver, shot Lennon five times with hollow point bullets. One of which missed and hit the building windows, two hit him on the left side of his back while two more penetrated his left shoulder.

The reason behind John Lennon’s assassination is still unclear up to this day. After Lennon’s assassination, Chapman simply took off his coat and hat and waited for the police to arrive. He brought out a copy of the book “Catcher in the Rye” and sat outside the apartment building. When interrogated by the police after his arrest, he reportedly said that part of him was Holden Caulfield (the protagonist of the Catcher in the Rye), while a small part of him was most likely the “Devil”. It was also reported that Lennon’s 1966 remark, that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus”, was what caused Chapman to plot Lennon’s assassination. Chapman was obviously mentally and emotionally unstable.

After Lennon’s assassination Chapman was interviewed by different psychiatrists. The doctors concluded that he was indeed delusional and apparently suicidal as well, but he was competent enough to stand on trial.

It has been nearly more than three decades since Lennon’s assassination and Lennon has been subject to numerous memorials and tributes. He has been regarded as one of the most influential musicians to ever step foot in this world, and his contributions have been recognized worldwide, across oceans while his audience spans across different races. He is indeed, a legend.


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