Lana Clarkson murder

Lana Jean Clarkson, born on the 5th of April 1962, was an American actress, fashion model and hostess. She is best known for her works with Roger Corman, which included the movie “Deathstalker” and the Barbarian Queen. She appears topless in the latter film. Because of this, she achieved cult status and became a fan favorite B-movie actress. She also modeled internationally and was constantly traveling. On the 3rd of February 2003 she was found dead at legendary rock producer Phil Spector’s residence.

Clarkson’s death was allegedly an “accident”. Phil Spector met Clarkson at a VIP Lounge in the House of Blues in West Hollywood where she was working as a hostess. Clarkson and Spector later took his limousine and went to the rock producer’s residence. When Spector’s driver Adriano de Souza was called to testify about Clarkson’s death, he told the jury that he had drove Spector and Clarkson home and was instructed to wait outside the mansion. An hour later, de Souza heard a gunshot coming from within the mansion and then later, saw Spector heading out the back door. He allegedly told de Souza that he might have killed somebody.

Police arrived at the scene after receiving a 9-1-1 call from the neighbors. They found Clarkson’s body on a chair in the foyer. She had apparently been shot in the mouth, while the weapon was found on the floor. Police immediately apprehended Spector who struggled but was later subdued by a Taser gun. Police also found nine other firearms and blood trails leading to the foyer where Clarkson’s dead body was found.

According to the records from the murder trial, Spector had submitted contrasting statements regarding Clarkson’s death. He first told the grand jury that he had no intention of killing Clarkson and that everything was an accident. Later, he changed his statement and claimed that the actress had killed herself and that he had nothing to do with Clarkson’s death.

Phil Spector was at first freed on a bail of $1 million, but was later convicted of second degree murder for Clarkson’s death, and was sentenced to 19 years to life, of which 15 was for second degree murder, and four more years for the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime. He will be 88 years old when he finally becomes eligible for parole.

Clarkson’s death was a tragic one. She was a woman who had the determination to succeed, and is as hardworking as one can get. Before Clarkson’s death, she had developed, written, produced and directed a showcase reel she entitled Lana Unleashed which was basically her portfolio and probably a biography. She took a job in the House of Blues as a hostess in order to make ends meet. Before Clarkson’s death, she claimed that her dream was to be cast in comic role.


  1. says

    I will never have sympathy for this woman. She was looking for trouble getting involved with Phil Spector. A mature 40 year old woman who falls for Spector.


  2. says

    O J Simpsons should have been found guilty the first time round. He should have been put to death like the Washington snipper. OJ killed two people and walked a freeman. Now that he is in jail for armed robbery I hope he burns in hell. Spector is a different matter . It takes two to tango. Lana Clarkson doesn’t look like the little angle she is made out be.

    • FU says

      Yeah the black guy who killed the white girl, HES GUILTY the white dude found with a dead white girl IN HIS HOUSE, is innocent? Racist much? In that case in glad it worked out the way it did 🙂

    • Kim says

      I have my opinion on the whole OJ thing, but that’s not important at this point in life. My only thing is, he was cleared of all criminal charges, so, due to double jeopardy laws, he will never be able to be retried ever. So, if he did NOT do it, as he claims, why did he never try to help who did the crime as he said he would? However, if he did do it, and is a free man, why doesn’t he tell the world what really happened!!! just some thoughts…

  3. says

    I believe, Mr Hayes, you mean “Angel” and not angle. I don’t think you meant that Ms. Clarkson was a square or triangle. She wasn’t a shape. She also wasn’t a saint, I agree. BUT – she did NOT deserve to be murdered no matter what she did wrong in her life. It’s like saying the 14 year old girl down the street deserved to be raped by her teacher because she stayed late one day to ask a question. The deed was NOT deserved.

  4. lee says

    Spector was a creep. She did not deserve to be killed by him…no matter what kind of person she was. She deserved life. My spector get raped everyday he is in prison and may he die before he walks a free man. And go straight to hell.

  5. Sweet Granny says

    She was someones child, a sister, someone aunt or even a friend. There r crazy people with money n this world that think they can do anything n get away with it .That includes sports people actors men n women even ordinary people. He was wrong n he got just what he deserve !

  6. says

    ” I think that Spector is getting his rich and decadent lifestyle he deserves, In prison. Anyone no mater female or male nobody deserves to get shot in the mouth, no matter what wrong they have done and also, I just wonder what gives the people the right to take other lives. we all know how it is when we get mad and disrespected, we tend to act in hatred and do things evil. Anyways my point of view on the whole thing is, don’t let the stresses in life bring you down enough to get rid of somebody, you also will pay for your sins on day or the other. people who have the hatred and evilness to kill, can burn in hell forever… Its wrong and the consequences are ultimately on You……

  7. Wally says

    There aren’t that many people I am familiar with that really ” deserve to die ” but several that are too bad to be living in this life and only get joy out of creating misery for others are good examples. This lady, despite her acting morals did not. Many in her profession start out in B class movies.
    Check out a movie entitled ” Sinbad and The Eye Of The Tiger ” and you will see the familiar face and not so familiar naked body of Jane Seymore. The Hollywood/Film industry has seen many scandals. Deaths of Bob Crane, Monroe, etc. It’s another world by itself and can be hard on those who are in it.

  8. Kim says

    I just watched a show on Phil Spector. He is/was a very mean man. He was very abusive to women. He had adopted twin boys to give to his first wife as a gift. She would escape Spector, only to leave the twins behind. He would keep the boys locked up in separate rooms when they were children. Just a very odd man…why was he such a crazy person….

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