Michael Jackson death

Michael Jackson is well recognized around the world even to this day. Few entertainers have contributed as much to the music industry as Michael Jackson’s has. Not only did he popularize himself through singing, but also in dancing, thus being praised as the King of Pop. Born on August 29, 1958, Michael Jackson enjoyed success in his career but paired with a number of controversies as well. He is infamously known as a racist, disowning his African-American heritage through numerous plastic surgeries turning his skin white. He was also under fire with counts of sexual abuse, but was found not guilty on all charges. Nevertheless, Michael Jackson planned a comeback concert entitled “This Is It”, but on June 25, 2009, the world stopped for a moment after the shocking death of the King of Pop.

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson was found dead in his bedroom by his physician Conrad Murray. A magician on the set of Michael Jackson’s last rehearsal claimed that on June 24, the pop artist arrived feeling unhealthy. Michael Jackson arrived at 6:30pm but only started rehearsing by 9pm, by which time he looked energetic and well. Rehearsals would go past midnight. The cause of the death of the King of Pop was first announced as cardiac arrest, but further investigations showed signs of foul play. Autopsies done on Michael Jackson by the Los Angeles County Coroner together with the Drug Enforcement Administration showed signs of involuntary manslaughter through the drugs administered led to the death of the King of Pop. The main combination of drugs was anesthetic propofol and anxiolytic lorazepam, together with some less significant substances. On August 28 of that same year, the death of the King of Pop was ruled a homicide, pointing out personal physician Conrad Murray as the main culprit.

Many speculations have, however, surfaced since the death of the King of Pop. To think that after his death, all the controversy would stop. But in the case of the death of the King of Pop, it only added more. To this day, the very reason behind the death of the King of Pop is still unclear. Some accounts claimed Michael Jackson was ordered killed by relatives due to his music catalogs, half of which now amounts to a minimum of 1 billion dollars. The King of Pop was quoted telling his adviser, “They want my catalog Rowe — and they will kill me for it.” Numerous accounts also claimed that the two sons of Michael Jackson were present at the time his body was found weak-pulsed, but made no immediate attempt to call for help. Also, some claim that the death of the King of Pop was due to lupus, a rare incurable disease that would mean the demise of the patient in his or her 40’s or 50’s. The questionable theory is that Michael Jackson is still alive and it was not his body that was carried out of his mansion home.

The death of the King of Pop has long been ruled a homicide. What the people want to know now is why would someone kill a man of his stature, and who were really involved in his sudden demise. Who would have known that the death of the King of Pop would happen so soon? Many speculations may have come up since the time of his death, but what the public knows is that the world lost an amazing icon, a legend, in the form of Michael Jackson.


  1. Gary Miles says

    He was and will remain the KING OF POP, and he will live on in the hearts of all who loved him as i am one Rest rest rest my brother God`s speed unto you.

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