Rebecca Schaeffer murder

American actress Rebecca Schaeffer was famous for her role as Patti Russel in the CBS sitcom “My Sister Sam”. Her career as a TV personality began at an early age, as she did modeling and appeared in TV commercials during her teen years. However, the great actress was murdered on the day of July 18, 1989, by none other than an obsessed fan who stalked her for years. Schaeffer’s death would later prompt the anti-stalking laws of Arizona.

Robert John Bardo lived in Tucson, Arizona, and became very fixated on Rebecca Schaeffer. The man wrote plenty of fan mails to the actress, and stalked Schaeffer for three years before causing Schaeffer’s death. Robert Bardo attempted twice to enter the sets of “My Sister Sam”, but was denied in both instances. He had soon given up, but after watching the actress in a bed scene in the television show “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills”, he thought it was time for Schaeffer’s death to come, as the actress had turned to another Hollywood whore. Bardo learned that private detectives could find people’s addresses and whereabouts, so he sought the services of one native detective agency to find the address of Schaeffer for the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars. Information was gathered through the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Bardo, who was 19 then, had his brother provide him with a gun, the murder weapon in Schaeffer’s death. On the day of Schaeffer’s death, Bardo had travelled back to Los Angeles and found the neighborhood where Rebecca Schaeffer was said to reside in. After asking passers-by, Robert Bardo rang the doorbell of the home of Rebecca Schaffer. Schaeffer answered the door, and the two had a short conversation, after which Schaeffer would ask Bardo to leave and never come back to her home. Robert Bardo had breakfast on a local diner before deciding that it was indeed already time for Schaeffer’s death. Bardo went back to the apartment of Rebecca Schaeffer, rang the door bell, and as Schaeffer answered the door, Bardo recounted that Schaeffer had a cold look on her face. Bardo then shot the actress in the chest and fled. Neighbors phoned for paramedics, but 30 minutes after the actress was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Schaeffer’s death was pronounced. Bardo was caught the next day, and was prosecuted by Marcia Clark. Bardo was soon sentenced to life imprisonment for capital murder, without the possibility of a parole.

At an early age of 21, Schaeffer’s death halted the career of what would have been a promising actress in Rebecca Lucile Schaeffer. What was shocking was that Rebecca Schaeffer’s death was caused by a very avid fan. Schaeffer’s death, however, together with the murder of Theresa Saldana, also caused by a stalker, brought up the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, and anti-stalking laws in California. Rebecca Schaeffer’s death became the first story of “E! True Hollywood Story”. Schaffer’s death also served as an inspiration for the film “Moonlight Mile”, directed by Brad Silberling, who dated the actress before Schaeffer’s death.


  1. cunninghanm says

    Horrific what happened to this dear person. Guy should have been given the death penalty. Beautiful, young girl. I am a victim of stalking for 30 yrs. Its called multi stalking. GPS in my car somewhere, mail vandalism, breaking /entering, vandalism of my car; malicious threat to committ bodily harm, where police refuse to give a case #. Alot of people involved. Police, someone always gets to them. Organize crime involved. Altered police reports. Every facet of my lift haWarr As people involved, including bank accts, violations of Hippa Law. my ex, Frank Mahan the police never investigate. No stalking dept in OKC. Its a slow death every day. Always looking around. Phone hacking;FBI won’t help. Went last yr to them in Sept 2011. He refused to look @ my phone. Someone got to him. Wants to murder me, but through stress. Therefore, no evidence. Warr Acres, libeled my name on a report. Officer, mayor, city attorney wouldnt remove it.Violation of my civil rights.Anything happens to me, no one will know. Stalking is horrendeous and what it does to someone is mentally crippling.It can lead to suicide. Every state should have a stalking dept., where victims can go. look at me and I have been everywhere in OKC in law enforcement. One LT in Lake Hefner police dept said I shld move away and didnt care if the officers didn’t file a case #. This was re a neighbor who threatened me with bodily harm and because of the stress, doctors thought I had a heart attack. The neighbor has been stalking/harrassing me for 3 yrs. Someone is protecting her. Section 8 people, Oklahoman housing needs to know about these people. Officer Williams did nothing about this incident when I called them from Lake Hefner police dept. Someone got to them. Condo C are there for a reason, me. Tires cut; 6 flats in 5 mos. Car vandalised. They did this. Many ways of stalking. Condo c-need a swat team. Both criminals being protected. My house is bugged. Documentation made of what they are doing. Murder can be done by constant stress. If I die from this, it will never be detected. police will cover it up. JFD82–Kickbacks, attorneys, former asst DA. 5000 kickback Joe Mahan to appear in court. Colors of multi stalking, green, red ,orange. Codo C hangs out green, red, orange colored clothing over balcony. Biddinger, HOA Manager involved. knows my ex and brother in law. Ricco Act. Someone told me. Horrified this is going on. So many people.Hundreds through the yrs. Is involveded in all my jobs, health information, bank Chase theft 5 yrs ago. Goes on and on. Organize crime

  2. says

    This saddens me so much.
    Rebecca had her whole life
    ahead of her and she should
    have had that..
    She was a beautiful woman
    with a great heart..
    People are so evil in this world..
    Now she is in her grave because
    of some nutcase that should
    have minded his own business..

    A fine Woman and actress..
    They should have hung that

  3. says

    Natalia, I cannot exseprs how this moved me, But I think you know. Just absolutely beautiful, my two girls, you and your art. Thank you so much. I can’t afford to purchase any pictures right now, but after the first of the year I plan on getting some of my favorites, which will be a feat in itself, because they are all my favorites.

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